Self-awareness is essential to success.


The DISC assessment will give you better insight into your traits, habits and behaviors and how to harness them in order to be your most successful self in your business.

  • Identify areas for positive personal growth
  • Uncover what is holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Learn how to leverage your personality and personal values for a life of success
  • Develop strategies to create breakthroughs in any area of your life
  • Improve your communication skills and relationships with others
  • Uncover any energy draining behavior that you can shift

Do you know what drives you?

Find out your dominant styles and how to develop aspects of all 4 styles to be successful in all areas of your life.

D - Dominance: Direct. Results-Oriented. Decisive. Competitive. Assertive. Problem Solver

I - Influence: Persuasive. Charming People-oriented. Enthusiastic. Optimistic. Inspiring

S - Steadiness: Supportive. Understanding. People-oriented. Team Player. Patient. Stable. Sincere

C- Conscientious: Analytical. Diplomatic. Task-oriented. Precise. Compliant. Objective

My Story

What I realized in my own DISC assessment was I was a low “I” in my natural style but a high “I” in my adapted (work) style. And if I wasn’t careful to recharge myself, I would feel very drained at the end of the day. It can be necessary as what I do as a coach to need to have a higher “I” style, and I love coaching, so that helps me recharge. However I also need to keep in mind things like too much showing up on social media and long or extended launches or workshops will drain me dramatically. I didn’t understand this about myself, but I knew I felt it. Everytime I did a launch, I was energetically drained when I’d see other people doing launch after launch and not understand why it seems so easy for them. (They must naturally be a high “I”). So I’ve adapted my sales style to not do it this way. As I always say, “There is more than 1 way to do everything”. Why not do it in a way that is not energetically draining to me.

Is there something that feels draining to you currently? I can help you identify it and figure out ways to adapt your current routine so that you are able to maximize your energy throughout the day.

How does the DISC assessment work?

  • Complete an online assessment (It only takes 10-15 minutes and the link is sent via email) and within (minutes) you will be sent through your personalized report.
  • If you have chosen the Debrief Call option then you will be sent a link to schedule your 1 hour debrief call, at a time that is convenient for you.
  • With my support you can ensure that you’re interpreting your results in the right way, fully understanding all the aspects of your personality and receiving guidance on your next steps and how to use this information to your advantage in everything you do.
  • Often it’s not just about getting the insight and information but making sure that we take steps forward to implement and integrate these learning into our lives so that we can really start to see change and progress on the things that matter most to us.



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"This assessment is extremely helpful if you are needing to communicate with people. It helps you understand your own style of communicating and gives you tips for communicating with other personality types. It is very helpful, and you will be glad that you have done this assessment if you are looking to improve yourself and communication." — Loraine Y