Helping small businesses master their finances and aligning their teams to positively impact the bottom line and grow the business to extraordinary levels!

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Helping small businesses master their finances and aligning their teams to positively impact the bottom line and grow the business to extraordinary levels!

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Vision Based Business Model Faust Coaching

Vision-based Business Model

Using my innate problem-solving skills that I have mastered as a fractional CFO and business advisor over the last two decades to provide strategy and uncover any blocks holding CEO’s back from their ultimate success so that they can grow and scale their business easily and fast. 

I believe that there are 3 key elements you need to master to realize your vision to its fullest potential.

► Financial Management - Knowing, understanding, and having the right financial information at your fingertips crucial.

►Team Alignment – Getting your team to move in sync towards the same company goals and vision will always positively impact your bottom line.

►Unstoppable CEO Mindset and Strategies – Knowing how to think differently, implement quickly and have unshakable confidence in your decisions are critical skills for all 7 and 8 figure CEOs.


Oftentimes clients come to me when they have mastered one of these 3 areas but without the mastery of all of them you can often find yourself either not reaching your vision or being frustrated out completely along the way. 

When these 3 elements come together in full alignment you will experience your next level of success and be able to create the ultimate vision for your life and business with ease and greater freedom than you ever imagined.

We have worked closely with many companies that have grown annually by 20 – 50% every year.

Are you ready to master the 3 areas to fully realize your vision?

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I get it…

You are working harder and harder to grow your business.  Sometimes you feel like you are the only one that even cares about the success of the business. 

Inside you know what got you here won’t get you to the next level, but you don’t know what to do next to get there.

You see…

When you don’t have accurate, detailed and reliable financial information you need to grow your business

When you think you can't grow your business any larger because your team feels fragmented and at times dysfunctional…

When you don’t have your mindset right….

…. you will unknowingly sabotage your success along the way.

Let me explain why

Here's why

3 Simple Strategies to Apply So You Can Motivate and Align Your Team!


Fill in information below to get the 3 strategies that will help you and your team accelerate your company productivity and profitability.

3 Ways to Work with me so you can Realize your Vision Faster


Business Consulting


Helping you master and understand your finances, align and motivate your team and strengthen your mindset. We will develop strategies to grow and shape your business that will allow you to reach epic levels of success in your business like never before. 


Lets grow your business larger...

CFO & Accounting Services


Done for you professional accounting services that will provide you with the accuracy, clarity and understanding around your business's finances. We are centered around profitability and cash flow  initiatives that will drive your business to a higher level of success.


Let us take care of your finances...

Team Leadership Development


Learn how to attract, develop and retain the right people to your organization. We offer guidance and ensure that you are leveraging each team member to their full potential so that you can develop a successful team that will lead to ultimate business growth.

Lets start developing your team...

Hello I'm Audrey Faust

I am a unique Business Advisor with the background who can help you successfully grow your business to the next level by showing you how to master your finances, align your team  and master your mindset to be the biggest, baddest CEO on the planet!

I have over 20 years’ experience in helping  7 & 8 figure businesses  grow and prosper to extraordinary levels of income they never thought possible.  

My unique background as CFO and Certified Coach means that I am able to provide you with a 360 solution to the challenges that you currently face in your business. 

This is what LIGHTS ME UP! Let me ask you…

Are you ready to fully step into and experience your VISION?

Are you ready to create your DREAM business?

Are you ready to UNSTOPPABLE?

Yes, Audrey - Help me get there!

See what others are saying...

Robert Kolb, President

Essintial Enterprise Solutions


Audrey developed and executed a plan that helped transform our accounting and financial reporting systems, implement policy and procedure to support better workflows, and most importantly design and build a team that is significantly more productive.  

Audrey’s high-level view of the business and coaching down to the individual staff levels was a significant benefit to Essintial." 


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Amy Bolivar, CEO



 Faust Consulting gives you access to a C Suite Level financial executive.  Audrey has been a lifesaver for our company.

I presented her with a list of what we wanted to accomplish in 2018, and she developed a budget plan to meet our financial goals for adding employees, funding retirement plans and hardware needs.  In less than two months. 

Audrey has also been able to clean up our accounting ledger, organize our finances and streamline our cash flow.

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Anthony Grilli, CEO

Focus Laboratories


I was first introduced to Audrey when I was a stressed-out business owner who had no time to run his business or be involved with the financial management of my business.  She convinced me to relinquish my control and I haven’t had to worry about financials since. 

Every month we review the company numbers and make decisions based on these financials, and the net result has been a doubling of revenue in about two years.


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