Upgrade your money mindset and financial strategy in order to scale your business for increased profits.




From Surviving to Thriving...

  • You have transformed your fear around looking at your numbers into total confidence around your business finances

  • You are able to pay yourself regularly from your business and can contribute substantially to your dream life.

  • You have total visibility over your taxes and aren't blindsided by the amount you owe.

  • You're able to make informed business decisions from the figures you are seeing every month instead of from a place of panic and scarcity.

  • You know exactly how to grow your business in a profitable and streamlined way.

  • You have strategies in place to support you in continuing to strengthen and expand your money mindset which inevitably leads to exponential growth in your revenue and business.

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Your Path to Profitability

Making over your money mindset


So that you can get clear on your Prosperous and Profitable Vision and remove any Prosperity Blockers in the way.

Creating a Prosperity Blueprint


For clear financial insights and using the Prosperity Progress Planner™ to set and achieve not only your personalized revenue goals but also create a profitable business.

Mastering QuickBooks


Gain a deep understanding of how to optimize your financial management processes so you're able to make strategic decisions for enduring growth and profitability.


"On our first call, with just a few clicks, and a couple of questions, Audrey was able to pinpoint the cash flow problem in my business. She always says, "it's not enough to just have the accounting software, it's knowing what to look for." And she has the eye! Not only that, her experience as a business owner herself, financial consultant, and neuro coach were invaluable to not only help me shift my habits but shift my thinking."


Maria Traino, Neuro Coach & Brand Strategist

"With Audrey’s support, I found the confidence to tackle my money mindset, take actionable steps, and embark on a transformative wealth building journey. She has been the perfect guide to really set the stage for how to take small steps that have big impact."


- Jennah, Brand Strategist 

Ready to work with me?

👉  Gain unshakeable confidence: Develop confidence as you take control of your business finances and future.

👉  Make better business decisions: Propel your business forward with strategic and informed choices, eliminating guesswork. 

👉  Build a profitable business: Transform your business into a thriving and profitable entity with targeted financial strategies and tax optimization. 

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"Audrey's approach transformed my perspective on finances – Two of the biggest things for me is that looking at finances from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Audrey pointed to questions that mattered for my business, she takes the time to meet you where you are, she shares personal experiences with her own business and her own family, and breaks things down so that the concepts are not complicated."


Rachel Harris, Marketing Agency

I invite you to join me for this transformative one-on-one business financial coaching. 

We will tailor the program to your unique business needs and challenges, ensuring that every strategy and piece of advice is directly applicable to your situation, crafting a custom path to profitability that aligns perfectly with your goals and vision. 

We are not just going to focus on and address any immediate financial challenges you're facing but also pave the way for long-term business success and profitability.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to new heights - apply now and let's get started on building your most prosperous future together.


“Audrey's coaching was a game-changer for me. I went from dreading the invoicing process to sending out all my invoices by the 5th of the month and celebrating my highest revenue month ever. Audrey helped me see the value I bring to my clients and taught me to embrace the financial side of my business. Now, I celebrate my wins, big and small, like buying a pair of beautiful starfish earrings as a reminder that I deserve to be happy AND prosperous in my work.”


Jenny Hetro, Fractional Marketing Officer & Creative Strategist

A Little About Me...

Hi, I'm Audrey,

a financial coach empowering established female entrepreneurs to take control of their finances. You've built your business with passion and drive, and now it's time to take it to new heights by focusing on the things that will make a real difference. My mission is to put you in the driver's seat of your financial future, so you can achieve the financial independence and security you've always dreamed of.

I'll meet you right where you're at, and we'll work together to help you understand your numbers without judgment. With my expertise, we'll create a personalized plan that will help you create passive income, grow your net worth, and become a financially empowered female business owner.

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"Where focus goes, energy flows. And where energy flows, whatever you're focusing on grows. In other words, your life is controlled by what you focus on. That's why you need to focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear."

– Tony Robbins


The Financially Empowered CEO


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