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“I've had the honor of being featured on various remarkable podcasts, and I'm consistently invited as a guest to amplify my mission of educating women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

My goal is to guide them on a transformative journey, leading them from financial uncertainty to a place of true financial security and abundance. By helping them comprehend and optimize their numbers and financial resources, we work together to establish a solid foundation for financial independence and wealth, one step at a time."

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Designed for the Creative Mind

Breaking Free: Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy


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A Well Designed Business Podcast

Building Wealth Through a Positive Money Mindset


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Unleashed and Unstoppable Podcast

How to fund the life you want


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The ZFG Living Podcast

Healthy Money Mindset


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Permission to Kick Ass Podcast

Knowing your net worth and how to calculate it


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Authentic Living with Dawn Jenyce

Financially Empower Sisterhood


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Entrepreneur Money Stories Podcast

How Changing Your Relationship with Debt Can Transform Your Business

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The Women Empower Podcast

Financial empowerment and the importance of a financial mindset for success

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The Efficiency B Podcast

Knowing your net worth and how to calculate it


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The Business of Design Podcast

The path to prosperity and how knowing your numbers is the key to wealth

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Thought Leader Academy, A newly released book by bestselling author and Audrey’s mentor, Sarah Connell. 

As you hold this book, you’re poised at the precipice of an extraordinary journey, one which will supercharge your mission and magnify your message. In Thought Leader Academy, bestselling author Sara Connell unveils her revolutionary program that has powered thousands of coaches, experts and entrepreneurs, to harness their unique gifts, achieving both remarkable visibility and prosperity. In Thought Leader Academy, Connell gives a roadmap but the exact steps and strategies to lead and inspire the people you are destined to serve. Get ready to 10X your impact and income! 

Support Sara’s new book and read about me and my journey on page 168.

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