It's my mission to empower women entrepreneurs to master their money and live the life of their dreams

Hi! I’m Audrey

I am a business financial coach who specializes in empowering women small business owners to take control of their finances.

With over 25 years of experience as an accountant and fractional CFO, I help women entrepreneurs refine their mindset, uplevel finances and business to build lasting profitable growth.

My mission is to put women business owners in the driver's seat of their financial futures, and I work tirelessly to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to be profitable and create a business that supports them.

As a certified NeuroCoach, I am uniquely equipped to help my clients overcome any mindset barriers they may face and develop the confidence they need to take their finances to the next level.

I have helped many small business owners grow their revenue and profit by 20-50% in the first year of working with me, and I am proud to be known as one of the premier business financial coaches for women small business owners.

My approach is personal, relatable, and motivational. I understand that many established female entrepreneurs may not have had much financial education and can feel judged or overwhelmed by their finances. That's why I meet my clients where they are and help them understand their numbers without judgment.

My goal is to empower women to create financial stability for their families, give back to their communities, and achieve the financial independence and security they've always dreamed of.

If you're an established female entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights, I would be honored to be your coach. With my accounting degree, MBA, and experience as a fractional CFO, I have the expertise you need to grow you need to create a profitable business.

Let me help you become a financially empowered female business owner, so that you can achieve all the things you want to experience and give back to those in need.

Audrey Faust Founder of Faust Coaching

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Maria Traino


CEO, Inspired Studios

“Working with Audrey has been a total game changer in both my personal life and my professional life.”

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Louise C.



“Audrey got me to think differently and see how my previous thoughts and feelings impacted on my decisions and results.”

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Christi L.


CEO, Dellarobbia Inc.

“If you're wondering if coaching with Audrey is a worthy investment of time and money, I can tell you that there's no price you can put on peace of mind and getting past the roadblocks that are holding you back.”

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