Any business leader knows that an organization is only as good as the people it employs. It’s not just about hiring the best people - how your team interacts makes a world of difference to each individual's impact and performance.

Did you know that…

79% of people say their team members fail to acknowledge their weaknesses to each other

59% of people say their team members don't take personal responsibility to improve team performance

DISC provides decision makers and team leaders with tools to create the best teams and supercharge their performance.

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How DISC can support your team to grow

  • Become aware of their own strengths and learn to appreciate and respect the strengths of people who have a different style.  We need all styles to create a powerful team!

  • Learn to recognize other people’s DISC® behavior style

  • Understand their own behavioral tendencies and develop an understanding of how that can affect others

  • Develop an awareness of how different styles can reduce conflict and work together as a productive team

When you build a cohesive team you minimize conflict, develop more effective leaders and managers and improve customer service and sales!

How does the DISC assessment for team's work?

  1. Each team member will receive their own personalized assessment.  After completion we will schedule a 2 or 4-Hour onsite (or remote) workshop to train your team on 4 primary behavioral styles and how they interact with each other. 
  2. As the CEO you will receive a customized team blueprint of all styles and how they interact with each other, and a personalized 60 minute debrief with you on your own personal assessment as well as a breakdown of how your team functions as a whole and with you.

  3. With my support you can ensure that you’re interpreting your results in the right way, fully understanding all of your team's individual results as well as how they interact together. PLUS you and your team will receive guidance on how to use all this information to take your business to the next level!

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Want to customize the DISC workshop for your organization?

Sales Coaching:
Develop stronger sales skills within your sales team by teaching them how to identify and respond to different customer styles.

Customer Service:
Help your team to deliver rockstar customer service by training them to better identify and understand the needs of the customer.

Improve the relationship between management and team members through deeper awareness and understanding of each other.

Teamwork and Conflict:
Improve communication and respect between team members plus highlight the strengths of each so that the best people are in place for each job.

Who is this ideal for?

All businesses from small to large.  In fact, fortune 500 companies and businesses across all industries and organizations (including government agencies, and educational institutions) use DISC to support their teams.

DISC is ideal for any business that wants an easy to use and effective tool to help them enhance their productivity and effectiveness by improving their communication and ability to connect.

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"My biggest takeaways were: Change management and that I do show up differently when working independently vs with others.  From time to time, I do like going deep into numbers and process reviews.  Moreover, it's not the best place for me to operate in the weeds." — Eric T