3 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Adjusting Your Goals

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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Adjusting Your Goals

Have you ever set an annual goal and then hit it before the year ended? First of all a huge hi-five if you did but I want to ask, what did you do next?

Most people would celebrate hitting their goal and then think OK, let’s take it easy for the rest of the year until I need to set my annual goals again. In fact I recently had a client do this very thing. 

My client had a goal at the start of this year to grow his business by 25%. I thought this was a great goal for him too until we sat down to look at his first quarter numbers as we usually do.

We saw that his business was actually up 39% in January which was an incredible start to the year but he brushed it off and said that he’d been holding back some billing from December so we chalked it up as a one-off and carried on. February passed with no real significant change and then when we sat down to review his numbers in March we noticed that the business had grown by 79%!! Incredible. 

We looked at the average rate of growth over the first quarter and realized that it was 39%, much higher than his annual goal of 25%. He was really pleased with this and was ready to pat himself on the back but I saw this as a perfect opportunity to stretch and challenge him. 

So I challenged him to review his annual goal in March and push it up to 40% growth for the year. He’s already a multi 7-figure CEO so 40% growth is huge but I wanted to inspire him to think bigger.

After all, if you have a vision for your business, part of the work is challenging yourself to dream bigger. To think outside the possibilities of what you have already achieved to the next level of success for you. Otherwise what happens is you limit yourself and subconsciously you stay small hitting these ‘goals’ that are easy to you. 


Real growth comes when we challenge ourselves. 


If we keep staying within the limits of what we are already achieving we can also lose motivation. We think that we are ahead of the game and take a break. And while I always encourage CEO’s to take rest and celebrate their wins, if you have a really big vision goal then the key is to keep stretching yourself. To constantly reset what your new ‘norm’ is going to be. That’s where the opportunity comes in to grow even bigger and achieve even more than we thought possible. 

This is why knowing your numbers is so important, so that you have these regular check points and can see where you are able to stretch yourself a little more. 

Another important reason why you should always be adjusting your goals is that a lot of success is not down to what you do, but what you think. 


95% of our success is mindset, 5% is strategy.


Oftentimes people will hire coaches to help them with the strategy for their business. But in reality what you really need to grow your business is the right mindset. Strategies will only take you so far in your success journey if you don’t have the right mindset. The mindset that is positive, that reframes failures as opportunities, that recognizes that what you tell yourself internally is what you experience time and time again in the outside world.

That is why I am so passionate about neurocoaching because through the process of rewiring our limiting beliefs we can prime our mindsets to be at their best. Just like any other muscle in your body, it needs working out and flexing. 

This is exactly why I raised the bar for my client because imagine that he experiences that extra 15% growth by year end and what an impact that will have on his business, on his confidence and on his mindset of what is possible for him. 

If you would like to find out more about how neurocoaching can transform your mindset and business then reach out and let’s chat!


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