3 Ways DISC Assessments Can Help Strengthen the Success of Your Business

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How often have you heard the saying, treat others how you want to be treated? Well when it comes to improving communication and teamwork we actually need to flip that saying to, 'Treat others how they prefer to be treated'.

All of us have a different behavioral style and when you understand not only your own style but the style of others you, are able to use this to your competitive advantage when it comes to communicating.We can better understand behavioral styles using DISC assessments.


What is a DISC assessment? 

People often confuse DISC as a personality test but it’s not. DISC is an assessment of an individual’s behavior style which includes their needs and motivations, and emotions. Everyone is a blend of all four DISC styles but usually one, two or even 3 styles will be more dominant than others.



There is no perfect DISC style, no good or bad or right or wrong. Just different. This has nothing to do with skills, intelligence, experience, strength or even values. It’s all about our behaviors and how we act and interact with others in the workplace (and outside as well).


How can doing DISC Assessments strengthen my business?

There are a multitude of ways that DISC assessments can strengthen your business but the top 3 reasons that I believe they are the perfect tool for building your dream team are:

  1. Improves communication - everybody has a different way of communicating and preference for how they like to be communicated with. For example, someone who has a high D, they love bullet points, and they hate too many details, someone who has a high C, they love all the details, and they actually need them before they can make any kind of decisions. When you know your team’s preferred way of communicating you can tailor it to them so that their initial response is much more positive than if they were presented information in a way that totally goes against their behavioral style. Easier communication leads to improved working relationships and potentially less conflict. 
  2. It makes hiring so much easier - when you can hire the right people for the right positions it strengthens your company. It’s not about good or bad hires, it’s about understanding where people’s real  strengths lie and then placing and developing them in roles that will really let them shine and flourish. When people are able to shine they are more productive, they tend to stay in the company longer and they are stronger team members. For instance, if you need somebody that's detail oriented, or a rule follower, you might want to go with a candidate that scores higher in the C category. If you need someone who can get everyone on board for a project or help you bring about change, you may want to consider somebody with a high I style.
  3. Helps build better team relationships - When you have a good balance of styles on a team and you know that there are people who fit together well and complement each other then you can build an incredibly powerful team that is a force to be reckoned with. Even if you’re aware that some people on the team may clash, letting managers have this information means that they are better able to lead and manage a team which can make them more effective in their roles. When you have the a combination of the best team to work with together then you know that you are going to get the best results possible on that project or from that group of people.

Plus sharing this information with the team provides them with a non-judgmental tool and common language that they can use to better understand themselves and others.

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