4 Business Lessons We Can Use From the Elvis Movie to be More Successful

Jul 28, 2022
4 Business Lessons We Can Use From the Elvis Movie to be More Successful

Some of you may have seen the recent Elvis Movie. I did the other day and I really enjoyed it plus I was surprised to walk away with some great insights so this week I'm very excited to share four valuable business lessons that I personally took away from 'Elvis' to be more successful as a CEO.


1/ People will always remember how you made them feel

There is a very famous quote from Maya Angelo along these lines and it is so true! Elvis was a genius at this, he made women feel something that they didn’t know that they could feel. He sparked an excitement in people that was unprecedented and that was part of his magic. 

I remember as a young child seeing Elvis get on the stage and dance in that crazy way that he did - it was intoxicating because no one had ever danced like that before on stage and he was able to drive women wild with it. His dancing and his singing style were so interlinked that we really couldn't imagine one without the other and that is what made his fan base so dedicated because of how he made them feel when he performed. 

So always remember when dealing with either your current or prospective clients, how are you making them feel? Are you making them feel heard? Are you making them feel important? Because that's what they're going to remember. 

2/ Pay attention to your numbers

I’m putting my CFO hat on here! Elvis got himself into trouble because he didn’t pay attention to his numbers and that can often be the downfall of some businesses. 

We can have success and then let that get away with us and start forgetting that knowing our finances and being able to understand them is really the key to long term success. Or we place all of our trust into someone to take care of that and completely check out on that side of our business which is never good. 

If numbers are not your thing then make sure you educate yourself on the basics and then hire someone who you really trust to support you with this. Don’t just hand it over completely though - make sure that you’re looking at your numbers every single month at a minimum, and every week if possible, so that you have a general idea of what is going on in your business and when something out of the ordinary is happening. 

3/ It’s all about the snow!

In the movie they refer to snow as like the wow factor!

Elvis was around at a time when there weren't really any great big shows put on by entertainers/ singers. He really blew the lid off the industry by dressing a certain way, dancing a certain way and creating these big shows for his audience. And because of this people tried to shut him down and put him into jail for the way he was performing! 

Sometimes what we want to offer can be ahead of the times or very different from our competitors but in order to stand out in today’s market we have to remember that it’s all about the snow! How are we putting on a great show for our audience? Maybe it’s all about providing great value through a YouTube channel that people love. 

Maybe it’s about how you show up live as a business owner - do you bring great energy to your social posts? Or does your professionalism and attention to detail go to another level so that your clients are blown away when dealing with you?

Whatever it is, take some time to consider what is the wow factor that you bring to the table.


4/ Never stop believing in your dreams

Elvis really believed in his dreams and vision. He did not let anyone stop him  even though they tried. He carried on even in the face of a lot of criticism and hate towards him. 

The few times in his career that he let people try and change him it didn’t work and you could see him lose pieces of himself to make others happy but when he brought it back to who he authentically was and what he was about you could see not only him but all his fans come alive again. He created a legacy that is undeniable and has lasted long beyond his years.

So don’t be afraid to be who you authentically are, to follow the dream/ vision that is burning deep within you and don’t let other people’s advice sway you if it doesn’t feel aligned with you. 

Have you seen the Elvis movie? I’d love to know what was your biggest takeaway from it or from this article. What one piece of advice has really stuck with you?


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