Transforming Your Relationship with Money: The Simple Exercise That Can Unlock Your Journey to Financial Abundance

entrepreneur financial freedom money mindset wealth creation Jun 22, 2023
Transforming Your Relationship with Money

In our pursuit of wealth, we often overlook the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with money. Creating a positive relationship with money is vital for achieving financial prosperity.

I vividly recall a colleague who once declared, "Money isn't important to me." I was taken aback, realizing the detrimental effect such a mindset could have on their financial success.

In truth, money carries an undeservedly negative reputation, causing many to associate their desire for it with greed. Yet, money is merely a tool—one that allows us to fulfill our desires and extend a helping hand to others through charitable acts and support for loved ones. 

Refusing to acknowledge the significance of money or deliberately avoiding thoughts about it only serves to repel it. 

Would you tell a friend they are unimportant and still expect them to stick around? Probably not!. So, if you want money to support and accompany you throughout life, you need to recognize its importance and refrain from dismissing it.

One of the first things that I get my clients to focus on when we start to transform their relationship with money is their thoughts and language surrounding money and note down what these are as they come up in their day to day life. 

Here are a few common examples you may encounter: "I can't make ends meet," "I can't afford [insert item]," "I wish I could afford [insert item]," "I don't have enough money for [insert activity]," "I'll never have enough money for [insert desire]," "There's never anything left to save," "I'm drowning in debt," "I'm afraid I'll never have financial security or retire." An interesting point to note is how often women tend to say, "I can't afford your coaching program." 

We then go through a process of reframing every negative story and thought that has come up for them so for example, instead of saying, "I can't afford it," opt for "I choose not to spend my money on [xyz]." 

This subtle shift empowers you to take ownership of your choices and eliminates the scarcity mindset associated with financial limitations. It may not seem like much but the minute you start to make these mindset shifts you start to act differently and this is why transforming your relationship with money is such a powerful step towards creating financial abundance and a more harmonious relationship with money.

Embrace the importance of money as a tool that can empower you to live the life you desire and support others along the way. 

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