Learn how to identify the behavioral styles of others in order to help improve teamwork, communication, increase sales and develop “rockstar” leaders in the workplace.


75% of the Fortune 500 are reported as using DISC because it is the world’s #1 behavioral assessment

What is DISC?

It’s an online personal assessment that is an invaluable behavior profiling system that teaches you how to identify and use your profile to your advantage in whatever you're doing. Sales, Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Hiring, Performance and much more.

DISC assessments offer the greatest accuracy in determining your behavior and how you interact with everyone around you.

4 Core Behavior Styles


How we respond to problems & challenges



How we respond to people & contact



How we respond to pace & consistency



How we respond to procedures & constraints


We usually have 2 dominant styles. There are no “better” styles, but we need all 4 to be successful.

There are ways you can adapt your style to your job/career/business that will empower you. There are also ways to adapt your style based on other’s styles that will help you in connection with your team better as well as potential and current clients.

Knowing your DISC style is an immensely powerful tool you can use to your advantage in countless business situations.

This is why 1000’s of companies worldwide use DISC because everything DISC® profiles help build stronger, more effective working relationships.

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Benefits of DISC profiling?

  1. Raise self awareness: Learn more about yourself, how you interact with others and why certain behaviors can frustrate or annoy you and how to better manage those.

  2. Improve teamwork: Optimize communication and understanding between team members for better productivity and profitability in your business.

  3. Develop stronger sales: Adapt your DISC behavioral style to fit customer and team member styles for improved sales and better results (priceless)

  4. Manage more effectively: By truly understanding yourself and your team you can adapt your management style to deal with any behavioral style in any situation successfully making it easier to resolve conflict and also pinpoint key areas of development for individuals.  It will also help you in knowing who to delegate what tasks to based on their DISC style and the results you want.

How can you use the DISC profile?

There are countless ways, but here are just a few:

Recruiting and select top talent and get the perfect fit for the position by knowing how they work before you hire them (priceless)

Coaching and develop existing managers and team members into rockstar leaders and stellar employees

Improving communication and performance between team members

Assisting with conflict management and managing change within an organization by knowing how to communicate better

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"If there is a rare opportunity in life, it's self-awareness. Self-awareness of the difference between you and your patterns and the impact of your patterns on those around you." — Tony Robbins

FUN FACT: Tony Robbins uses the same DISC assessment I do

DISC Debrief Testimonial - Evelyn

Audrey's facilitation of my DISC assessment was incredibly accurate, and it held a mirror up to things that I both needed to be acknowledged for and also aware of and accountable to. I found myself chuckling a few times as the results were so dead on. It helped give a framework and language to my expectations (both internal and external) that may need to be checked at the door or encouraged at times. There's so much value in being self-aware not only of ourselves, but also the teams that we lead, and the communities that we seek to impact. If you're ready to take your leadership and organizational team to the next level, a level where you're thriving individually and communally, it's time to hire Audrey!
— Evelyn F.

Learn More DISC for me
Learn More DISC for my team