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Imagine a session where your audience not only learns but transforms — where financial success becomes more than just a goal, but a tangible reality.

Unlock Financial Success by helping your audience reprogram their money mindset to work for them instead of against them. 

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"WOW, thank you for being our monthly money mindset guest speaker, Audrey!

Your workshop was incredibly transformative at our Law Firm Admin Bootcamp + Academy focused on addressing and overcoming financial obstacles.

Audrey's systematic approach in teaching our students how to reshape their financial mindset instilled a sense of optimism and potential, proving that achieving financial freedom and successful investments are attainable, even when faced with significant debt. Thank you, we can’t wait to have you back on our virtual stage!"


- Molly McGrath, Founder Hiring and Empowering, LLC

In this exclusive free masterclass, I will share my PROVEN method to reprogram the money mindset, turning it from a stumbling block into a stepping stone towards financial abundance and prosperity around money.

This isn't just another training;
it's a transformative experience that will support your audience to:

  • Imagine a life where financial decisions propel you towards thriving, not merely surviving.

  • Develop an unwavering confidence in the freedom and security that comes with mastering their money mindset.

  • Feel a profound sense of peace and space when it comes to money, breaking free from financial worry.

What's Inside This Masterclass?

  • Uncover Prosperity Blockers: Identify and overcome silent barriers hindering abundant potential. It's time to reclaim control.
  • Learn How To Reprogram The Subconscious: Unlock a mindset of wealth and abundance, embracing a world where abundance is a daily reality.
  • Master the 7% Rule: Adopt a game-changer that reshapes financial journeys, instilling confidence in every decision.

What Your Clients Will Gain:

👉 A Blueprint for Abundance: A future where choices are abundant, and the sky's the limit.

👉 Reassurance on the Path to Prosperity: Knowing they have what it takes to turn their financial story into a fairytale.

👉 Proven Money Mastery: Infinitely more confidence because they've mastered the money game.

👉 Embrace a Future of Prosperity, Confidence, and Joy!

“I absolutely loved having Audrey Faust as a guest speaker and trainer for my mastermind, to shift our Money Mindset and take steps towards building wealth!

She walked our community through five questions that tap into your subconscious mind to identify any “prosperity blockers,” which was very insightful.

My community also loved that she simplified the process of wealth-building, no matter where you are in your journey with money.

If you have an audience or community of clients that could use some insights on how to expand our mind when it comes to money and wealth - as well as receive some practical, easy-to-follow steps- I highly recommend having Audrey speak to your group! She’s the best!”


- Amy Yamada, Speaker + Business Coach



 🎁 SPECIAL BONUS! I will also share with your audience 2 of my incredibly powerful bonus resources:

  • 25 Money Mindset Mantras: A powerful list to reinforce positive financial habits.
  • Wealth Building Bundle: 3 Easy-to-Use Calculators to help grow their wealth effortlessly. 


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Meet Your Expert Host: Audrey Faust

Audrey is not just a finance expert; she's a wealth builder, with an MBA, and a NeuroCoach. Her multi-million-dollar success story is a testament to her expertise. Audrey goes beyond financial literacy; she empowers women to attain comprehensive wealth, that includes time and ultimate freedom.

Audrey's commitment to a supportive, non-judgmental learning space has led to numerous success stories among her clients. Her goal is clear — to help women build genuine wealth and foster enduring peace of mind about their financial future.

When Audrey isn't transforming financial mindsets, she cherishes time with her family and enjoys the distinct charm of her homes in Northeastern PA and Southwestern FL.

“Audrey's masterclass allowed us to connect on a deeper level with our financial goals and values, fostering a sense of abundance and gratitude.

The women in our community thoroughly enjoyed Audrey's session, and her impact on our mindset and perspective around wealth was evident.

We are immensely grateful for Audrey's contribution to our mission at RISE the Movement, and we look forward to future collaborations with her."


- Tanaha Hairston, Investment Coach

Transformative. Empowering.

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