Success Stories

See what’s Audrey’s clients have to say about working with her in their own words:

Christi L.


During my coaching with Audrey, she helped me uncover how I had allowed myself to create a story around not being worthy enough to keep the money that I earned. I had created a successful 7-figure business but in the end had nothing to show for it. Realizing that I was always everything and everyone else getting the money and not "allowing" myself to enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

This realization that she guided me to unpack, has changed the trajectory of how I view my worth and that abundance is more than money.

If you're wondering if coaching with Audrey is a worthy investment of time and money, I can tell you that there's no price you can put on peace of mind and getting past the roadblocks that are holding you back. Are you willing to be vulnerable and get to that point? If so, you won't regret having Audrey as your coaching partner."

Amy Bolivar


Faust Consulting gives you access to a C Suite Level financial executive without the need to invest in an in-house Finance team to manage your day-to-day operations.

Audrey has been a lifesaver for our company. I presented her with a list of what we wanted to accomplish in 2018, and she developed a budget plan to meet our financial goals for adding employees, funding retirement plans and hardware needs. In less than two months Audrey has also been able to clean up our accounting ledger, organize our finances for our taxes, streamline our cash flow and provide us with the support we need to concentrate on our product and services.”

Maria Traino


“Working with Audrey has been a total game changer in both my personal life and my professional life.  I am now so much more confident in myself. I understand myself more and I'm able to make decisions that are going to build the life and business that I want now.  I could see so clearly how it has been holding me back from my big visions, from my big dreams, from what I know is possible. 

Audrey has a way of pushing you, believing in you and letting you know that you are capable of so much more than you're allowing in your life. Working with Audrey and just having her in my sphere of influence has been in a complete game changer and lifesaver both in my personal life and in my professional life

If you are considering working with Audrey, not only is she going to give you advice on your business, but she’s also going to put your money mindset in top shape, and she will always remind you of what is possible for you. And not only that, but she is also going to whip you into shape, and you are going to be thankful for it. Your business is going to be thankful for it. Your employees are going to be thankful for it. And I'm already really excited for you and the possibilities that are there for you."

Robert Kolb


Audrey’s high-level view of the business and coaching down to the individual staff levels was a significant benefit to Essintial. 

Audrey began working with Essintial primarily to assist with the transition to a new accounting system.  During the first assessment of our systems, accounting team, and workflows it was clear that Essintial could benefit from changes and enhancements to our overall accounting, financial reporting, and team structure. 

Some challenges Essintial specifically faced were inefficient and redundant processes, lack of teamwork and strategy in certain functions, and poor communications between the accounting department and other key functions in the organization. 

Audrey developed and executed a plan that helped transform our accounting and financial reporting systems, implement policy and procedure to support better workflows, and most importantly design and build a team that is significantly more productive.  Her high-level view of the business and coaching down to the individual staff levels was a significant benefit to Essintial.

Todd Schneider


Audrey is a lifesaver, she came on board with our firm a few years ago and transformed the way we work. She implemented systems that worked extremely well and we have been using them ever since. She is smart, talented and well informed. She understands the needs of small business owners and takes great initiative in finding valuable solutions to problems. From reviewing our workflow, evaluating insurance and health care needs to preparing all of our financial records, our business has never run smoother.

She is the most efficient, organized, knowledgeable, dependable and reliable accounting professional I’ve ever had in the 22 years of my company. We were lucky to have connected with her years ago and look forward to our continuing relationship."

Rick Megni


After Audrey explained the benefits of QuickBooks online it was clear I needed to make the switch.

Audrey was instrumental in converting my QuickBooks company file from a locally installed version to QuickBooks online. She is extremely knowledgeable about QuickBooks online and the conversion process went very well. I gave her a copy of my QuickBooks file and she did the rest.

Audrey is easy to work with, very personable and was very patient in answering my numerous questions. Based on my positive experience, I plan on using Audrey Faust Consulting for my company’s future accounting services."

Bob Decampli


“I am a CPA who specializes in small business taxes. I have known Audrey for more than 12 years, worked closely with her and recommended her to many of my clients. We have worked on interim and year end reporting for tax projections and preparation. My job was considerably easier because of Audrey’s ongoing work with the clients and her ability to fully understand and reconcile all elements of their accounting. Audrey has a complete grasp of the financial reporting needed by business owners a well as their tax professionals."

Todd Palmer


“Audrey was an extremely valuable asset for our company and was instrumental in developing our accounting department to be a more proactive division. A pleasant and precise professional, Audrey worked at VFC where her advanced knowledge provided countless benefits, providing me with valuable analysis and results I could count on."

Glen Butler


“When Brute Athletic Apparel needed more efficient accounting systems and processes Audrey was recommended. We worked directly with Audrey, who listened to our challenges, developed a detailed plan, and executed the plan in an efficient and professional manner. I highly recommend  Audrey for any challenges that may arise. Unlike consultants that tend to drag out a project, Audrey efficiently accomplishes the tasks at hand."

Doug Murray


“Audrey was the ideal fit. She supplied timely, relevant reporting that allowed me to make important, informed decisions that fueled the growth of the company. She was a quick study with regards to our industry and was very quickly providing pertinent data I could act on.  If you’re trying to grow a business, and you need to take your financial house to the next level, I would highly recommend Audrey and her team."

Matt Dever


Audrey’s expertise in accounting practices and my overall business as a whole enabled me to focus on the relationship building that is imperative in the country club setting.

Her customer service and attention to detail is what stands out the most to me. She is always available for me when I call or text with a question or concern, usually fixing the issue for me on the spot. Her timely reports for specific deadlines with government agencies allows me the time necessary to review and make financial decisions that affect my business.

I would highly recommend Audrey Faust, Chief Controller, for all of your business & accounting needs."

Anthony Grilli


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"I was first introduced to Audrey when I was a stressed-out business owner who had no time to run his business or be involved with the financial management of my business.  She convinced me to relinquish my control and I haven’t had to worry about financials since.  Every month we review the company numbers and make decisions based on these financials, and the net result has been a doubling of revenue in about two years.

Recently I wanted to reward an “A Team” player, Sarah, who I initially hired in an administrative position with a new management role but knew she would need guidance.  Audrey came to the rescue again.  And much like my financial records, the change in Sarah since Audrey started coaching her has been transformational.  

Here are few examples after just a few weeks of coaching:

First, in a very short period of time since Audrey started coaching her, Sarah started to anticipate my needs and provide solutions before I can even ask.   

Then, with nothing other than my approval, Sarah single handedly prepared for a trade show, manned the booth by herself, returned with valuable information about our market and performed all necessary follow up afterwards.

Sarah’s communication was not always clear and at times misinterpreted.   Audrey has helped Sarah craft emails that clearly present the topic, propose solutions, and asks permission to proceed. 

Audrey has coached Sarah to understand that permission to proceed is sometimes given in off the cuff wishes and took initiative to accomplish a very large task all on her own.

Audrey immediately recognized the value I saw in Sarah and without any assistance from me coached her to a new level of success as an effective and promising manager.

I am such a believer in her coaching I am now contracting her to coach two more of my staff who have demonstrated success on the bench but and now need help in their new roles as managers.  Her coaching will help these young stars succeed, and will ultimately enhance our service to our customers, which of course will spur future growth.

Audrey is the cause of many positive effects in my business."