Discovering Your Money Personality: A Key to Growing Your Wealth

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Discovering Your Money Personality: A Key to Growing Your Wealth

As a financial coach, I've found that understanding your money personality can be a powerful tool for building wealth. Years ago, I became DISC certified to enhance my leadership coaching program. When I transitioned into financial coaching I realized that this personality model would also apply to money habits.

It’s been fascinating relating people’s DISC styles to their money personalities and seeing how by deepening their own self awareness it has made them see which financial habits they naturally lean towards and which they may struggle to adopt. And once we know what we may struggle with and are honest about it, that's when we can start to build tools to help us strengthen our areas of weakness. 

The DISC model categorizes individuals based on Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. It helps us understand how people act and communicate in various situations, leading to greater self-awareness.

For those with a Dominant/Decisive money style (high D), quick decision-making, assertiveness, and goal-oriented attitudes define their spending and investing habits. While their fearless approach to risk can be beneficial, it's crucial to strike a balance and consider long-term financial goals.

On the other hand, the Influence/Inspiring money style (high I) involves optimism, social charm, and a focus on helping others. While generous and inspiring, high I individuals need to remember their own financial well-being.

The Steadiness/Supporting money style (high S) prioritizes security and gradual progress. This cautious approach is excellent for building a financial safety net, but it may limit growth opportunities.

Finally, the Conscientious/Cautious money style (high C) involves logical thinking and a preference for guarantees. While stable, these individuals should consider balanced risk-taking to optimize their financial potential.

Understanding your money personality can help you make informed decisions and tailor your wealth-building strategies. Whether you're a high D, I, S, or C, being aware of your natural tendencies empowers you to strengthen areas of weakness and align your financial plans with your innate behavior.

Have you discovered your DISC style? I'd love to hear if these insights resonate with you! Comment below and let's discuss.

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