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SOLUTION focused?

Unlock the secret to a high-performing team ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

Smart business owners like you recognize that they cannot achieve their business vision on their own. They understand that investing in their key employees' long-term professional development and personal growth is vital so that they can step up and take on more key leadership roles to help support the ultimate vision of the company.

Fun Fact

  • Did you know that 75% of Millennials look for their companies to provide professional development opportunities?


Coaching that is aligned with your business strategy

Common challenges that business owners face when it comes to their teams are:
  • High employee turnover
  • Lack of motivation and commitment
  • Missed deadlines
  • Unproductive meetings
  • Constant fire fighting of problems
  • Lack of trust and communication
  • Poor morale
  • Job exhaustion and stress
  • Lack of time to properly train team members and more!


Any of those sound familiar?


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Now imagine a company where your team
    • Know their strengths and have confidence in their leadership style
    • Understand the importance of clear communication
    • Are empowered to take the initiative and address any challenges that arise and be able to provide possible solutions when coming to you.
    • Are motivated to keep building on their strengths and improve on any areas of difficulty
    • Have clear strategies for dealing with difficult people/issues/conflicts and don't run to you to resolve these every 5 minutes.
    • Embrace change and actively help you to identify areas of opportunity

Using my proven methods that I have used with many clients, I combine coaching with my two decades of experience, and work with you and your team to identify their strengths, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential.

The results I get are always exponentially greater than expected - because I know that when your team thrives so does your business.

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After this 3 month coaching container key team members will have..

  • Improved leadership skills and greater self-confidence

  • A higher degree of influence within the company

  • Improved authority and credibility among team members

  • Improve decisiveness and create a sense of ownership

  • Built stronger staff relationships

  • Take initiatives that help move the company forward

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My coaching process includes….

    • Beginning with an intensive deep dive on goals and company initiatives so that we can align the coaching with your ultimate vision.
    • Complete assessments for strengths, behaviors and personality to optimize for business goals
    • Weekly coaching sessions with chosen employees and optional progress sessions with you, the CEO
    • Access to me for quick resolutions to challenges that arise between calls

By addressing the issues that affect performance, employee motivation, and talent retention, team coaching can save you money, make you money, and give you a competitive edge.

 Whether you are working with a newly formed team, new hires, or a long-established one DISC is an assessment and handy leadership development tool that provides insights to help you manage and develop your team.

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Anthony G.



“Recently I wanted to reward a diligent and loyal worker, Sarah, with a new role in management.  I enrolled Sarah in Audrey’s coaching program, and the gains were instantly noticeable. ”

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Robert K.


President, Essintial Enterprise Solutions

“Audrey’s high-level view of the business and coaching down to the individual staff levels was a significant benefit to Essintial." 


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